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3 best Free Fire characters after Chrono buff in OB35 update

3 best Free Fire characters after Chrono buff in OB35 update: Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game where gamers fight to showcase their movement and aiming skills. The characters bring the RPG factor to the title and make it a more strategy-based game.

The effect of character abilities increases gamers’ outcomes as they rank up in the game.

At the start of the game, players can use their skill-sets to outperform others, but at higher levels, characters almost become a necessity. Thus, they can choose the character combination best suited to their playing style and work hard in their desired game mode for better results and winning the game.

3 best Free Fire characters after Chrono buff in OB35 update

Garena Free Fire released its OB35 update on July 20, and various characters have received adjustments. One of the most notable balance changes was to the Chrono.

There is now a lower cooldown for the Chrono, while other well-known options like Skylar and Alok have also received some customization.

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According to new changes made in the game’s OB35 update, Chrono’s ability, the Time-Turner, will create a force field (shield) that protects the character from over 800 damage. However, the cooldown period will now be shorter for the six capacity levels. Which is as follows:-

  • Level 1: 180 seconds to 160 Sec
  • Level 2: 164 seconds to 150 Sec
  • Level 3: 150 seconds to 140 Sec
  • Level 4: 138 seconds to 130 Sec
  • Level 5: 128 seconds to 120 Sec
  • Level 6: 120 seconds to 110 Sec

3 best Free Fire characters after Chrono buff in OB34 update

  • Dj Alok
  • Xayne
  • Wukong

Dj Alok

Dj Alok has been one of the most popular characters ever since its launch. The reason for his immense fame is his extraordinary abilities, which allow players to gain HP recovery.

When using Drop the Beat, their movement speed increases significantly. However, when players are not moving during the activation period, they can gain HP at five points/second.

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The two effects don’t stack up and last for five seconds, making Alok a great character. However, the OB34 update has disabled DJ Alok by adding the time to a variable. Nonetheless, Alok is still one of the best Free Fire characters.

  • Duration – 10 Sec
  • Movement speed – 10%
  • CD – 70 seconds


Xayne remains the best female character. In addition, his activated ability makes him more valuable than many other options in Free Fire.

Gamers can activate Xayne’s Xtreme Encounter to gain a temporary 120 HP advantage that takes six seconds to decay. Hence, this powerful female character becomes a favorite choice for those who like to run during matches.

In addition to a temporary HP boost, players can increase their ability to deal damage to Glue’s Walls by 100%.

  • Damage increase – 100%
  • Cooldown – 150 seconds



Since Free Fire OB34, Wukong, aka the Monkey King, has gained an adjustment to his active ability, Camouflage. Gamers now face a 10% reduction in agility instead of 20% when the ability is activated.

Individuals can turn into a bush using camouflage and remain in that state for 10 seconds. Firing only one weapon during the transformation phase will return the character to its form. Thus, Wukong is one of the most valuable characters in the game.

Also, Wukong has a high CD time, his engaging skills making him an important addition to any character combination.

  • Duration – 10 Sec
  • CD – 300 seconds


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