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Best Ways to Get the V Badge in Garena Free Fire MAX for everyone

Best Ways to Get the V Badge in Garena Free Fire MAX for everyone: There has been an increase in users of Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max and its popularity can be attributed to various reasons. Content creators and streamers are one of the reasons Free Fire has become so popular. YouTubers provide direct or indirect promotion of in-game content, new updates, or special events.

To support Free Fire content creators, Garena introduces its Partner Program which offers many perks and a unique symbol. A special symbol known as the V badge that appears in the player’s profile is given to a small number of Free Fire content creators.

Free Fire Redeem Code Available for V-Badg

Gamers can easily get the V badge in Free Fire MAX and Free Fire.

Best Ways to Get the V Badge in Garena Free Fire MAX for everyone

As mentioned earlier, V badges are a rare sight in the game. In the case of Indian servers, there are only a few gamers who have earned a V badge in the game. That’s why one can call the V Badge the rarest item in the game.

The only way to earn the V Badge in Free Fire Max is by joining the Partner Program. Users can take a look at what creators have to complete before applying for the partner program.

  • The number of YouTube channel subscribers of YouTubers must be at least 100,000 subscribers.
  • The percentage of Free Fire content displayed on the YouTube channel in the last 30 days must be at least more than 80%.
  • The channel must have 300,000 views.
  • Creators must maintain content quality and consistency of social media activity in the past 30 days.
  • The content displayed on the channel should be non-offensive, clean, and engaging.
  • For a gamer’s success, it is necessary to have drive and passion for gaming.
What Do You Gain V-Badg

Gamers can post the conditions to apply for the program on the official website. Their applications will be considered and approved by the developers. However, gamers should note that devs can reject their applications, and the eligibility criteria are for the application only.


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Gamers who own a YouTube channel and want to earn the V badge should upload more videos. They should refrain from using any abusive language and continuously upload videos so that they can deal with the YouTube algorithm. In addition, an increase in the number of customers is necessary.

Players should also hone their gameplay skill set and participate in esports tournaments more often. A professional gaming career can also open a gateway to earning a V badge.



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