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COD Mobile Season 6 Release Date

COD Mobile Season 6 Release Date: The new season of COD Mobile is coming soon, which will come with a lot of interesting features. COD Mobile Season 6 will arrive on June 29, 2022. Also, much to the excitement of the fans, it will come with the new To the Skies update.

With each new season of the game, players can enjoy new Battle Pass tiers, unique cosmetics, and interesting gameplay additions. The announcement of the new season has created excitement among the fans who are eagerly waiting for this update.

COD Mobile Season 6 Release Date

On June 22, COD Mobile announced the details of its latest season with a blog post. COD Mobile Season 6 release date is June 29 at 5.00 PM.

Season 5: Tropical Vision launched just three weeks before Season 6 was announced. It was announced on 23 May and started on 1 June. These are exceptionally short seasons, but each one brings some new and interesting gameplay additions.

What’s new in COD Mobile Season 6?

In COD Mobile Season 6, players can fight their way through the skies, and players will be feeling the difference in many ways. The new season will bring the game to life and add new levels to the complex mobile experience.


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The reason for the season’s title is that a new aerial vehicle and anti-aircraft weapon are entering the game. A jackal is a fighter jet that can be used for fighting in dogfights.

Meanwhile, the anti-air gun is a surface-to-air missile site that can be used to eliminate enemy jackals.

Perhaps the biggest update coming with this COD mobile season is the new map, Favela. To avoid confusing it with Modern Warfare II’s map of the same name, the one coming to mobile is moved from Call of Duty: Ghosts.

With Jackals is an event that players can participate in to win prizes throughout the season. The Jackal Fuel Up event tasks players with collecting upgrade tokens for Operator Roboticist, who will use them for fuel. Earn rewards like the Epic KN-44 Silver Jet.

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Season 6 includes new challenges and tons of XP. Players can earn the new L-CAR 9, an automatic pistol introduced in Black Ops III.

Simultaneously new draws have entered the game, including legendary weapon blueprints for the aforementioned new pistol. Plus, tons of new operators and new weapon blueprints are coming to the new season’s draws.


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