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FF Advance server registration 2022: Free Fire Advance Server Registration & activation code 2022

FF Advance server registration 2022 – Free Fire Advance Server Registration & activation code 2022: The main reason for the growing popularity of Free Fire in recent years is its constant updates. Garena releases a Free Fire update every two months, which adds a huge list of changes and additions to make the game experience an even better experience.

The developers of Garena do not release Free Fire updates directly. They first allow gamers to test new content on advanced servers, get feedback, and fix any bugs before releasing official updates. Which is issued on Free Fire Advance servers.

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Players get to preview new features on the FF Advance server before the new features are implemented. Yet, on most occasions, the activation code prevents all gamers from accessing it.

FF Advance server registration 2022: Free Fire Advance Server Registration & activation code 2022

According to the FF Advance server official website, Free Fire OB35 Advance Server will start on 7th July 2022. Gamers can download the client from the official website on the same day. Although the FF Advance server download APK will be open to all players, only those who have received the FF Advance server activation code from Garena will be able to access it.

Players will be able to test the features extensively until the shutdown of Free Fire Advance servers on 7th July 2022. As expected, server progress is independent of the global version and will be discarded after Free Fire Advance servers expire.


How to Get Activation Code after registering for Free Fire Advance servers

The only way to get the Free Fire Advance servers activation code is to register for the Free Fire OB35 Advance servers.

Step 1 – This link will take gamers to the Advance servers website, where players can register themselves for the FF Advance servers activation code.

Step 2 – After visiting the website, they can sign in with their Google or Facebook accounts.

Step 3 – The user has to fill in all the required information to set up his profile.

It is important for gamers to remember that registration does not mean that gamers will receive the FF Advance Server Activation Code.

Free Fire Advance Server OB35 Update’s release date

The same trend has been observed for the past few updates that the Free Fire updates were released a day before the end of the ongoing Clash Squad Ranked season. So after the same, Free Fire OB35 update may be released on 22 July, as Clash Squad ranks end on 22 July.


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The game’s servers will not be available on the day of the update due to extensive maintenance, as seen during the previous update. Most of the time, the patch is available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store within a span of a few hours. However, gamers will not be able to play the game until the break is over.



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