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FF Max Rewards: How to get Free Rewards after buying Diamonds in Free Fire MAX

FF Max Rewards – How to get Free Rewards after buying Diamonds in Free Fire MAX: Free Fire Max is a premium battle royale game available for major mobile platforms. Gamers can get a great survival experience in the mode with different maps and amazing terrain.

The game includes nice graphics and many interesting in-game elements such as characters, costumes, emotions, and more.

Players can acquire tons of amazing items in the game with the help of a special in-game currency called Diamonds. They can use the diamonds to open weapon lot crates, acquire legendary weapon skins, and buy elite passes.

The developers also give players lots of amazing rewards for completing diamond top-ups in the game.

FF Max Rewards: How to get Free Rewards after buying Diamonds in Free Fire MAX

Garena has released an interesting event in Free Fire Max where players can get exciting rewards for themselves. This event is called Instinct Bandana Top-up and three rare items can be obtained from it.

Players only need to top up a certain amount of diamonds in the event to receive the free prize. The event will run from 5 -10 September 2022.


Here are the different prizes and amount of diamonds that players need to top up to get free prizes:-

  • Upon purchasing 100 Diamonds, players will receive the Darkrose Scythe, which comes with a special elimination notification.
  • Upon purchasing 500 Diamonds, players will receive a Legendary Instinct bandana, which looks good on the in-game character.
  • Upon purchasing 1000 Diamonds, players will receive the Berserk Reptile Blueprint, an essential component to crafting the Berserk Reptile set in the game.

Step to purchasing diamonds in Free Fire MAX

Players can follow the given steps to buy diamonds in Free Fire Max:-

  • Gamers open Free Fire Max on your mobile.
  • Click on the plus icon with a diamond on the main screen of the game.
  • This will take the players to a new screen where they can see the various Diamond Packs.
  • Players have to click on the desired Diamond Pack and complete the payment process.
  • The payment process is different for Android and iOS platforms and can be selected from different payment methods.
  • Upon successful payment, players will receive diamonds in their account immediately.

Various Diamond Packs are available here for players to purchase in FF Max. They can choose and buy any diamond pack as per their budget.

Players can access the Instinct top-up event by clicking on the Diamonds icon on the main lobby screen. After that, they can tap on the Top-up Events section to view the new top-up events.

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Gamers are also advised to buy Diamonds in Free Fire Max only from legal and reliable sources such as the in-game store and not to trust any online diamond generator website.




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