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Free Skin FF MAX: How to get free Legendary skin in Garena Free Fire MAX

Free Skin FF MAX – How to get free Legendary skin in Garena Free Fire MAX: Garena is in high demand due to the rarity of the Legendary skin in Free Fire Max and Free Fire. Therefore, players try to take advantage of every opportunity to grab such Legendary items in the game.

However, some methods in Free Fire Max allow gamers to get rewards cheaply, and top-up events are one of them. They often offer free items.

The top-up event of the Ramadan 2022 series offers two great legend items. The only condition to get them is to buy a certain amount of diamonds.

Free Skin FF MAX: How to get free Legendary skin in Garena Free Fire MAX

Ramadan top-up event has started on 25th April. The top-up event will feature two legendary items – the Emerald Slicer and the Buya Sparks Emote. Users will need to purchase the following number of diamonds in order to obtain both items.

  • Emerald Slicer – 200-Diamond Top-Up
  • Booyah Sparks Emote – 500-Diamond Top-Up

Emerald Slicer is a skin given to a melee weapon featuring a vibrant green stone. The legend item features stunning VFX of the emerald as well as flames.

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The Booya Sparks emote, on the other hand, depicts the character using a sparkler to light three lamps, using the same sparkler to create a ‘booyah’ sign in the air.

To get the Legendary item in Free Fire Max, you have to follow the steps given below:-

Step 1 – After opening Free Fire MAX tap on the Diamond icon on the home screen UI.

Step 2 – Select the Top Up tab, where they can see the prices at which Diamond Packs are available.

Step 3 – Players can top up 310 Diamonds if they want to unlock the Legendary skin, and topping up 520 Diamonds will unlock both rewards simultaneously.

Step 4 – There are multiple payment methods available in the game, so users have to select their desired mode.


After the payment is successful, the game will automatically unlock both rewards.

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Gamers should note that while both prizes are free, diamonds can only be purchased with real currency. Thus, they must use real money to buy diamonds, and players can use them on other items in the game.


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