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Minecraft 1.20 update: How to make an iron farm in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.20 update – How to make an iron farm in Minecraft: Iron is one of the most important resources in Minecraft. The game has no shortage of important things that players can do and create with iron.

Iron is not always an easy material to obtain in large quantities, iron can be obtained through mining. This makes Iron Fields incredibly important for players to build a world of survival.

Minecraft 1.20 update: How to make an iron farm in Minecraft

Here are some items that players can make in Minecraft using the iron.

  • Pistons
  • Armor
  • Buckets
  • Cauldrons
  • Hoppers
  • Pressure plates
  • Crossbows
  • Minecarts
  • Shields

A Simple and Fastest Way to Build an Iron Farm in Minecraft 1.20 Update

Players must ensure that it is not built near any existing village, as they will interfere. The pieces must also be kept loaded to allow players to play and deposit iron.

A very simple and quick way to make an iron farm is given below.

  • The Foundation
  • Getting a zombie
  • The Materials
  • Getting villagers
  • Villager Rooms

The Foundation

Players must first lay the foundation of the farm. This can be done by making 12 blocks. The 12th block is the only permanent block. The rest are temporary and serve as a way to allow players to build up in the air.


If the platform is made up of 15 blocks to allow slight elevation changes in the surrounding environment.

Getting a zombie

The next thing players will need to do is get a zombie into the water block in the center of the farm, and then either give it an item to save it from despair or Give it a name with a Nametag.

This will scare the zombie villagers, causing iron golems, so keeping it alive is important to ensure the farm’s functionality.

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The water will keep it from burning during the day, and the nametag will make it a unique mob that, like other mobs, is unable to dispense naturally.

The Materials

Like any farm, players need materials to build it. Players must obtain the exact material required.


However, there are also the items listed:-

  • Two full stacks
  • Three full stacks
  • 37 additional non-flammable building blocks
  • 10 stairs
  • Three additional walls
  • One bucket of lava
  • 12 signs
  • Nine hoppers
  • Six chests
  • Three beds
  • Three torches
  • One name tag
  • One zombie
  • Three villagers
  • Water

To ensure that players do not confuse temporary blocks with permanent building blocks, any temporary blocks on the farm will be red wool instead of non-flammable blocks.

Getting villagers

The next thing players will need to do is to bring a villager to each village room adjacent to the zombies. There are a few different ways players can move villagers.

  • Can bring with boat and water or a piston.
  • move them manually
  • Using a range of workstations, where they will run and where they need to go.
  • set your profession to lead them there

These villagers produce iron balls, so their location and survival are important. Make sure the inner walls of the farm are set up so that the zombies cannot reach the villagers.

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Otherwise, it will kill the villagers and turn them into zombies. The field will be broken because no villagers can panic and produce shells.


Villager Rooms

Players would like to convert this foundation into rooms where the villagers will live.

This is done by building walls around a three-block-long foundation to keep the villagers inside, as well as establishing a single-block opening in the middle in which the zombie will reside.

Once the walls are built, players will also need to put a bed in each room, as this is needed in order for the area to count as a village and to make iron balls.

Players also need to place a torch in each room to prevent hostile mobs from spawning and killing villagers.

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