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How to Get PUBG Mobile Line Friends Dragon Brown Set

Developer Tencent Games released the PUBG Mobile Line Friends event on February 2, 2024 (UTC+0), which is a product of the collaboration between the two franchises. The event, which will be held till March 3, 2024, consists of two sub-events: a Hola Buddy Lucky Spin and Line Friends Prize Path. Both introduce countless fresh items, like the Dragon Brown set, a new Campanian and his outfit, and more.

The PUBG Mobile Line Friends event offers a variety of plush-themed items in their Lucky Spin and Prize Path that make excellent cute collectibles if you can spend some UC.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Line Friends Dragon Brown Set

In Hola Buddy Lucky Spin

In the crate you’ll find a yellow duck-like plush companion named Line Friends Buddy Sally, along with its costume and several expressions. Additionally, Crate offers two legendary sets: Line Friends Leonard Raincoat and Line Friends Coco Dress. Finally, we have an adorable LINE Friends Sally Backpack.

Hola Buddy Lucky Spin works like opening regular crates in PUBG Mobile, which costs a certain amount of UC to make a draw and randomly select an item as your reward.

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The first draw of the day is priced at 10 UC, and subsequent draws are priced at 30 UC. Additionally, you can make 10 draws at a time, which is priced at a discounted rate of UC270.


In PUBG Mobile Line Friends Prize Path

Unlike Hola Buddy Lucky Spin, items in the Prize Path event can be unlocked by completing missions. However, it requires 600 UC to participate, and upon doing so, you will be rewarded with the first two items from the event’s rewards track. Additionally, you can cover this prize path instantly by spending 3800 UC.

The items given in the Line Friends Prize are given below:-

  • Line Friends Dragon Brown Set
  • Line Friends Dragon Brown Headcover
  • Line Friends Pan
  • Line Friends Dragon Cony Set
  • Line Friends Dragon Cony Headcover
  • Upgradable Line Friends Lovey Dovey 2-Seat Motorcycle.

PUBG Mobile Line Friends Collaboration offers various items on the in-game event shop, which can only be purchased through UC. Which includes these items:-

  • Line Friends Brown Helmet: Costs 600 UCs
  • Line Friends Plane Finish: Costs 900 UCs
  • A Glide Crate that offers Line Friends Glider: Costs 20 UCs.

How to Get Free UC for the PUBG Mobile Line Friends Events?

The best way to get free UC in PUBG Mobile is to earn Play Points on the Google Play Store, which you can use to redeem in-game currency. To collect Play Points, you must complete tasks specified by the digital store, such as installing an application and using it for a certain number of days.

After this Google Play Store will provide a play point. However, be cautious when completing these tasks, as some of the applications that ask you to install may be filled with viruses or be scams.



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