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Which Are The 3 Best Free Fire Max Emotes After Free Fire Max OB43 Update

3 Best Free Fire Max Emotes: Emotes Have become a part of players in Free Fire and Free Fire Max as they allow players to express themselves on the Battlefield. Each type of player can express their emotions in the game through emotes that make fun of or taunt their opponents.

Players can buy quotes directly from the in-game shop, where they start at 199 diamonds and can cost up to 599 diamonds. Garena also offers them Luck Royale, Top-up Events, and much more, where users may need to spend diamonds.

In addition, some expressions are usually available for free. Players can get emotes by top-up diamonds. Here are some of the best that players can get in Free Fire Max India.

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3 Best Free Fire Max Emotes After Free Fire Max OB43 Update

  • Winner Throw
  • Top DJ
  • One-Finger Pushup

Winner Throw

Winner Throw is a newly added BTS-themed emote that was added to Free Fire Max on March 27, 2022. This is part of the top-up event, which will be available till April 1, 2022. Gamers need to buy 300 diamonds from the store. Motorbikes – get quotes for free with Soldier Nightmare.

Top DJ

Top DJ Emote was linked with Alok Charitra in December 2019. Gamers can get it by spending 599 Diamonds while collecting it through the Elite Pass can also apply for a discount coupon of 100 Diamonds.


When gamers activate it, a floating DJ station is set in front of them, where the character does some DJ-style dances before disappearing.

One-Finger Pushup

The Emote was first released on Indian servers in India during the Holi celebrations, the one-finger pushup has since become one of the most widely used expressions among players across the globe. At present, users can buy this item from the shop for 399 diamonds.

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