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Why did Zeke choose to die in Attack on Titan?

Why did Zeke choose to die in Attack on Titan?: It should never be said that Attack on Titan is just another work of fiction. From the very beginning, it has established itself as an average anime series with its interesting setting and captivating characters.

Some of the most selfish monsters fight for at least something, and even the titular Titans are pathetic in their own way. Notably, there has been one villain that has left fans extremely happy and extremely angry.

At the end of this series, he allowed himself to be killed, but for what reason?

Why did Zeke choose to die in Attack on Titan?

As usual in the world of Attack on Titan, Zeke Yeager is a complicated man with a backstory of his own. The first-born son of Grisha Yeager and born in Marley, Zeke initially had a lot of trouble with it.

He was an Aldean, the same race as the characters on the island of Paradis.

Zeke was hailed for his brilliant mind and talent and was descended from royal blood, making him the perfect choice for Beast Titan form.


But despite his accomplishments, Zeke was often considered the best of the worst when it comes to the Aldeans left on Marley. Despite his own origins, he is brainwashed by propaganda by Marlean, even turning on his mother and father.

Zeke had also been part of a warrior unit sent by their leader, Marley, to infiltrate the island of Paradise and retrieve the founding Titan, or to be more precise.

Because of their plans and ideas, the warrior trio got as much as they did. In turn, Zeke was often the mastermind of Titan-related events in the series, especially at the end when he changes sides that he is playing a game of chess with multiple boards.

Why did he choose to die?

Whether or not he voluntarily chose death is one thing, but it can be safely assumed that given Levi’s lack of resistance to the final attack, he allowed it to happen, at least in the conclusion of Attack on Titan.

Despite his apparently miraculous recovery after several typical near-death experiences, Zeke had, at least, the option to back down or fight after he emerged, but did nothing to stop Levi from beheading him.

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In such a situation, the question arises why did he allow it? It is possible that because of his own nihilism, he saw no point in resisting, or perhaps it was because of a previously stated belief that he was chosen by gods, fate, or fate to survive.

Or maybe because all his plans were doomed, and he had nothing left to live for. It may also be that Armin’s words inspired him, and in return, he returned to the real world and allowed himself to be killed, ending Eren’s rumblings around the world.



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